NZASA’s mandate concentrates on the safety of the public - keeping patients safe. A key part of that mandate is being committed to helping practitioners maintain standards of professional, ethical and clinical competency.  A link to the NZASA Code of Ethics is provided here:  NZASA-Standards-Ethics-and-Safe-Practice-2015.pdf

All practitioners are required to adhere to  the Health and Disability Commission (HDC) Code of Ethics. A copy of this Code of Ethics is required to be on display or available in all NZASA approved clinics.

If a patient wishes to file a complaint against a NZASA Registered Acupuncturist, the appropriate procedure is to make a formal complaint in writing or by eMail to NZASA ( and optionally send a copy to the HDC.  Note that potential complaints made direct to HDC will normally be referred to NZASA (as the self-regulator) for initial investigation.

The NZASA Constitution outlines the Disciplinary and Complaints Procedure.  That procedure can be viewed here: NZASA-Guidelines-about-Complaints.doc.pdf  

NZASA follows HPCA protocols, takes all potential complaints seriously, seeks advice from HDC and/or independent legal opinion if required and have removed registrants from practice for serious offenses.