NZASA’s Executive Board is made up of a maxium of 10 members who are qualified in acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine.  Some of the Executive also have professional backgrounds in other health modalities along with legal and translation professions which further serve the needs of the NZASA membership.

The Executive Board meets bi-monthly, and if required on a monthly basis. The meetings provide the opportunity to discuss and resolve queries from members as they arise, and to develop how NZASA serves its members.  The Executive continues to work towards the recognition of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) as a health profession under the HPCA Act.

NZASA is a cost-effective organisation and keeps its fees to a minimum level.  All fees, including Annual Practising Certificate fees, are reviewed yearly by the NZASA Executive Board. 

Executive Board members are paid a $1.50 a day honorarium for their services ($547.50 per year each) and appropriate fees for attending meetings. There are no other expensive charges for Executive meetings, or for mortgages or any other costs not directly related to serving the professional needs of members.  All overheads are kept to a minimum.  See the Membership pages for fees. The only regular paid position is that of the Registrar.

Each member of the Executive Board is required to take responsibility for a specific portfolio.  Details are as follows. 

Portfolio: Allied Health Representative 

Representative: Wendy Reynolds - Wellington


 The NZASA allied health representative will:

  • Provide primary liaison contact between Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand (AHANZ) and the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority Inc. (NZASA)
  • Ensure the Executive Board is kept up-to-date with current issues within the allied health sector 
  • Raise the profile and the visibility of NZASA through attendance at relevant Allied Health sessions and development of business relationships with the relevant people within Allied Health’s organisation/s
  • Bring issues to the Executive Board for consideration that may either impact the Chinese medicine (including acupuncture) profession or where NZASA could offer constructive input


Portfolio Promotions and Marketing Representative

Representative: Vacant


 The NZASA promotions and marketing representative will: 

  • Maintain a review of relevant publications and advise Executive Board of any articles of relevance
  • Draft a response to articles as appropriate
  • Identify relevant publications and draft (3 or 4) press releases per annum that support NZASA’s strategic promotional aims
  • Submit all written material and press releases to Executive Board for approval


Portfolio: ACC Representative

Representative: Tracey Lindsay - Wellington

The NZASA ACC representative will:

  • Provide primary liaison contact between the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and NZASA
  • Ensure the Executive Board is kept up-to-date with current issues within ACC 
  • Attend relevant meetings and develop business relationships with the relevant people within ACC
  • Bring issues to the Executive Board for consideration that may either impact the Chinese medicine (including acupuncture) profession or where NZASA could offer constructive input


Portfolio: Chinese Medicine Regulation

Representative: Karen Lawton (Registrar) - Auckland

 The NZASA Chinese medicine representatives (singly or together) will: 

  • oversee the development of a regulatory framework for Chinese Medicine
  • represent the interests of NZASA
  • attend relevant meetings of the Chinese medicine profession
  • deal with any relevant regulatory correspondence
  • report back to the Executive Board and the NZASA membership on progress and the implications for members


Portfolio: Legal Advisor  

Representative: Jeff Silver (Chairman) - Christchurch

The NZASA Legal Advisor will:

  • Assist the Chairman, Registrar and Executive Board by assessing legal ramifications of events, situations and documentation relating to the operation of NZASA
  • Advise the Executive Board on interpretation and amendment of the NZASA Constitution
  • Review and advise upon any matters of law that come before the Executive Board
  • Assist in understanding and drafting of legal correspondence entering and leaving NZASA
  • Respond to requests for assistance by the Chairman and Registrar for evaluation on issues of legal responsibility and liability    


Portfolio: Chinese Medicine Reviewer (Cochrane, NICE et al)  

Representative: Blair Firmston - Auckland


The NZASA Chinese medicine and research reviewer will: 

  • Represent the interests of NZASA and comment on research and media articles, when appropriate
  • Review relevant research  articles on Chinese medicine and provide comment for the membership via the website
  • Develop a research section on the NZASA website
  • Deal with any esquires from the membership about published Chinese medicine research, its relevance and application


Portfolio: NZCCM Advisory Committee Liaison

Representative: Jeff Silver (Chairman) - Christchurch


The NZCCM Advisory Committee is an external stakeholder group required by NZQA that provides neutral expertise and advice on degree programmes being offered and developed.


Executive Board Members without portfolio

Dai (Anna) Dai - Auckland

Michelle Chan - Auckland 


NZASA Supplementary Support to the Executive Board

The NZASA Executive Board is assisted by several ‘off committee’ representatives.  Currently this covers:

  •         Natural Health Products Bill liaison
  •        Translation services: Emily Yu and Glenn Zou


NZASA Assessors

NZASA utilises the skills of several  trained Assessors to undertake Clinic Inspections and Professional Visits as well as random (and other) audits.


  •      Angela Nixon
  •      Suzanne Darragh
  •      Leonie Flower


  •      John Renna

New Plymouth:

  • Jeff Silver


  •     Tracey Lindsay


  •      Guan Hua (Patrick) Guo

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is usually held within four months of the end of the financial year (which runs from 1st April to 31st March). The Chairman’s Report, Financial Report and General Matters are reported to members at this meeting. 

Members are given a minimum of 21 days notice of the AGM date, and all members are welcome to attend. Any changes to NZASA’s Constitution, Ethics, Standards etc, must be tabled before the 21 day notice period.


NZASA’s Executive is always working to improve its general and website services to its members within the bounds of its role as a registration authority.  If you have any feedback for the NZASA Executive, please submit that here.